ENVISION is a GIS-based tool for scenario-based community and regional integrated planning and environmental assessments.  It provides a robust platform for integrating a variety of spatially explicit models of landscape change processes and production for conducting alternative futures analyses.

ENVISION is open-source and freely available.  It is built on an open, extensible architecture that can be adapted to a variety of geographic locations and application domains.  Envision provides a variety of easily-used "plug-ins" that allow for modeling a variety of situations, and can be extended using your own custom plug-ins for specific modeling needs.

ENVISION includes a powerful "multiagent modeling" subsystem that allows for the representation of human decision-makers in landscape simulations.  Envision "actors" make management decisions in parallel with landscape change models using a variety of decision models that can reflect actor values and incorporate landscape feedbacks.

A "Quick Summary" overview document is available here.  A schedule of Envision meetings is available here

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