Envision Software - Envision is available as a "modern" Windows App, and as a "traditional" Windows desktop program. Installing Envision as a Window App is slightly more complicated, but is more secure, and has other advantages (such as auto-updates) and is recommended.

  • Envision Windows Application Package (64-bit) This application package installs Envision as as managed Windows App. This is the recommended method for installing Envision, but requires some one-time steps to get set up. Instructions for installing Envision as a Windows App are available here.
  • Envision Setup Program (64-bit) This requires that you are running a 64-bit version of Windows This is the latest version of Envision, for 64-bit Windows platforms.  If you are running an older version of Windows (prior to Windows 8.1), you should check that you have current version of the Windows runtime libraries by downloading and running the prerequisite libraries installer on your computer, available here.
  • Envision Setup Program (32-bit). This version of Envision is no longer supported.

Latest Installer program from Microsoft - install this if you are running an older version of Microsoft's installer for Windows.

Software Development Kit

  • Envision Software Development Kit - provides plug-in developers with code and tools for developing Envision-compliant plug-in evaluative models and autonomous processes (Note: This must be "in sync" with the Envision version you install. It is advisable to download and install both Envision and the Envision SDK during the same session to ensure they are compatible with each other.

Tutorial Datasets and Input File

  • Various input files for the Envision Tutorial can be installed from this link. For more information about the tutorials, see this page.

Additional Tools

  • DeltaExtractor command line tool for extract delta subsets from a DeltaArray CSV file
    Usage: deltaExtractor inputDeltaArray.csv outputDeltaArray.csv FIELD1,FIELD2,FIELD3...

Technical Manuals

Source Code