ENVISION can generates a number of output files over the course of a session. Generally, four types of files are created:

  1. Maps of the current state of the IDU coverage at periodic intervals during the course of a simulation, in the form of ESRI shape files that contain all attributes in the IDU coverage. These are generated if the ‘exportMaps’ attribute in the section of the project file is set to ‘1’. The interval that these maps are created is defined by the ‘exportMapInterval’ attribute in the <settings> section of the project file. Both can be set from the Envision user interface (Run tab) as well.
  2. Comma-delimited text files (CSV files) – these contain time series summaries for all internal Envision variables and any output variables exposed by plugins specified in the current project. These are generated for each Envision run.
  3. Pivot-table ready
  4. The Delta Array, in the form of a CSV file contain information on each delta generated during the course of a run.

In addition to these outputs, individual plug-ins may generate additional output files – see the documentation for individual plug-ins for more information. All outputs are generated in a defined directory structure as follows:

Time Series Maps{IDU Directory}/Outputs/ {ScenarioName}/Run{N}/ {ScenarioName}_Run{N}_Year{Y}.shp
Output Variable CSV files{IDU Directory}/Outputs/ {ScenarioName}/Run{N}/ Model_and_AppVar_Outputs_{ScenarioName}_ Run{N}.csv {Output_Specific_Filename}_{ScenarioName}_ Run{N}.csv
Pivot Table-ready CSV files{IDU Directory}/Outputs/{Output_Specific_Filename}_pivot_{Timestamp}.csv
Delta Array CSV file{IDU Directory}/Outputs/ {ScenarioName}/Run{N}/ DeltaArray_{ScenarioName}_Run{N}.csv