This Guide is intended to provide support for developing an application using ENVISION, or for those seeking to understand more of the internal structure that ENVISION uses to represent information and generate future scenarios. Fundamental to this understanding is the general structure ENVISION uses to represent landscape change, shown in the Figure below

Envision General Structure

Each of these ENVISION components are definable by application developers for specific applications. An Envision application consist of definitions for each of the components - landscape data, change models, and optionally, evaluative models, actors, and policies.

ENVISION flow control is given in the figure below.

Envision Flow Chart

A number of specific tasks are required to develop an ENVISION application for a specific location and to meet specific alternative future needs. These are shown in the figure below.

For more information about ENVISION, contact:

John Bolte, Professor
Biological and Ecological Engineering Department
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331